The company

NR was established in January 1993 by Niki Romaiou and it is primarily engaged in sewing curtains and ornaments.

Since then, we have expanded our activities to include the trade of curtains and upholstery fabrics; tracking and shading systems; light fittings; small pieces of furniture; wallpapers; and unique handmade ornaments.

Moreover, we cooperate with selected suppliers who are leaders in the global market both in terms of creative design and the quality of raw materials. Here you will find everything you need for your home, office, or boat.

Our aim is top manufacturing quality and a higher value for our finished product, combined with the delivery of the best and reliable service.


125 Ypsilantou, Piraeus
PC 18532
Telephone: 2104212288, 2104227625
Mobile: 6944442746
Fax: 2104212290